Micheline Nader

Self Taught Success Story

episode 106


In 1996 Micheline Nader hit a wall.   Stress had weakened her immune system and resulted in a bleeding ulcer.  Facing the bankruptcy of her business, she says, "I was so terrified that I could not get out of bed.  My fear was more crippling than my pain."  A serial entrepreneur, Micheline couldn't muster one more appearance of "Superwoman" to save the day.  She needed a better plan and that led to her finding what she calls her True Self. Once she found it, everything turned around and her business became a huge success. 

Micheline was no stranger to adversity.  Having grown up in Lebanon, she endured the pain of losing her father at age 16 to esophageal cancer .  He was the love of her life,  but little did she know that she was on a crash course with a similar fate.  In the depths of her suffering, she made space in her life and connected with her "higher consciousness", which led to the strategy she lays out in her new book, The Dolphin's Dance - a 5 Step Journey into Conscious Awareness.