On a Quest for Health and Healing

Penny George

episode 110


Back in 2003, people didn't talk much about acupuncture or meditation or aromatherapy–especially not in relation to treating serious illness. But Penny George saw an opportunity. As a breast cancer survivor herself, she was keenly aware of the need for nurturing the mind and spirit while addressing major issues with one's body. She thought: What if a center with ties to traditional medical care could offer patients the benefits of energy work, biofeedback, healing touch, and more? 

Thus, the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing was born 13 years ago and has since grown into the largest hospital-based integrative medicine program in the country as part of Allina Health, the largest healthcare system in the Upper Midwest. This pioneering center is just one of many important philanthropic efforts undertaken by Penny, who holds a doctorate in counseling psychology and is co-founder of Sellergren-George Consulting Psychologists. 

In this episode, Penny tells us why integrative medicine is gaining such popularity and offers insight into how she has cultivated a life where growth and change have always remained a priority.