Sacred Spirituality and Sexuality

Elise Carr

episode 111


Ask someone "what" they are and the answer will often be expressed in a single word to summarize their job: accountant...firefighter...salesperson...electrician...chef. For Elise Carr, founder of StellaMuse, the answer takes a lot longer, and seems to radiate like a sunbeam. Some specific things do come to mind, though: Pioneer of Yoni power, divinely empowered woman, sacred spirituality and sexuality director, life empowerment mentor, certified holistic health coach, writer, speaker, Tantra practitioner, Reiki master, model, artist, and trailblazer. Whew!  

But beyond these labels, you'll hear why Elise is a person at peace, someone who has found her truth and dedicated her life to enabling others to pursue their own. Hear the series of events that propelled her onto this quest, why a fateful night in Paris changed everything, and where she may be heading next.