Liz Li, Ph.D.

President, Sofia University

Transcending the Self

episode 122


Have you updated your bucket list lately?  We’re guessing there are a few things you may have overlooked.  After this interview, you might decide to add a couple items to your list: the study of transpersonal psychology and achieving self-transcendence.  What are those things you ask?  Well, Pete had the same questions and got some serious answers from his guest today.

Sit back and absorb the fresh wisdom from a pioneer in education.  As the President of Sofia University in Palo Alto, Ca, Liz Li, Ph.D. is committed to improving the human condition by continuing a legacy established in 1975.  Founded as the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, this university weaves a unique thread through its core curriculum.  And they're getting a lot more attention with the addition of Dr. Deepak Chopra as a professor, createing a new initiative built around transpersonal aspects of consciousness.

Ok, you looked confused.  So just hit play and we'll take care of the rest.