Say what?

episode 125


When Kaiser met Pete in junior high, he could barely have dreamed he'd appear a quarter-century later not once but twice on a world-renowned podcast co-hosted by his new, lanky, piano-playing friend . For one thing, there were no podcasts back then. Heck, Rubik's Cubes were still the rage. Also, neither of them were exactly the most mindful 13-year-olds in the greater Twin Cities area. They'd likely have been shoved in lockers by the school mindfulness bully, if one existed. (We're looking at you, Sven.) But here we are now, welcoming a second fantastic Meditate This! appearance by Kaiser. See, the dream came true. Except for the "world-renowned" part. 

Also, if you feel like this intro and really everything else about mindfulness is generally confusing or intimidating, fear no more: Kaiser breaks down just what you need to know and/or think about as you approach meditation—which, happily, isn't all that much. And he simultaneously explains what you don't necessarily need to know or think about as you consider meditation or really any other endeavors during these complicated, meandering minutes we hear ticking on theoretical clocks sitting inside operating systems sitting inside glass and plastic phones sitting inside our 100% (supposedly) cotton pant pockets. All clear? Ok, perfect. Episode 125 everybody!