Allison Carmen

Call her "Maybe"

episode 51


The illusion was perfectly in place 15 years ago. Allison Carmen had the high-powered job as an attorney, the family she always wanted, and the comfortable life track on which she could theoretically cruise. But underneath the cool veneer, she was nearly in panic. Every step felt perilous, every chance seemed likely to fail. The world was uncertain, which made it nearly unbearable. 

But she didn't buckle. Instead, she searched—not for security, but for the unlikely ability to face the concept of maybe (maybe good, maybe awful, maybe just "eh") in everything. Suddenly, the narrowing box of unpredictability expanded and the world became more nuanced, more complex—and more full of possibility. The danger of maybe transformed into the power of maybe. Now a life coach and business consultant for major companies, artists, actors, writers, and more, she's also written a popular book The Gift of Maybe: Finding Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times. A regular contributor to Psychology Today and The Huffington Post, hear Allison's passion for maybe come through and, hopefully, lead you to put your faith in it as well.