A Master Class in Human Flourishing

Aneel Chima

episode 109


What does it mean to flourish as a human being?  Well, for many of us that might be a question not often asked, but for Aneel Chima it is his life's work to help us figure it out.  While Aneel might be just as happy driving a city bus, he's currently very content as the co-leader of the Stanford University WellnessEd Project, which he co-founded and developed.  In addition, Aneel co-founded At-The-Core, where he facilitates actualization and trans-formative change using emotional, social, and neurophysiological  drivers of optimal team and leadership performance.

Above all these lofty goals and ambitions, Aneel is super-nice person, willing to sit patiently and teach what it means to thrive.  We wouldn't guarantee that he would give every stranger he meets a personal walking tour of Stanford University, an hour and a half interview, followed by a falafal dinner, but he certainly made Pete feel welcome by demonstrating what the traits of human flourishing look like up close: compassion, kindness, and wisdom.