Anthony Del Broccolo

What's So Funny About Anxiety?

episode 39


Armed with the savvy and wisdom only a Sagamore Junior High education provides, and that one expects from a former Burger King "Employee of the Month," Anthony Del Broccolo is currently a writer and producer on the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory (his credits also include Cheap Seats: Without Ron Parker, Lil' Bush, Zooey 101Drake & Josh, and All That). And though he's spent his career making millions laugh, the Long Island native endured decades of depression and anxiety—until he was able to name his issues and confront them head on. Through years of hard work, he's picked up some very practical tools for identifying and managing anxiety. 

Do yourself a favor and give this one a serious listen. And then, do Anthony a favor and go watch the Big Bang Theory. (Hey, good ratings do wonders for stress too.)