Building Bridges for the Mind

Charlie Hartwell

episode 92 & 93


Charlie Hartwell has always pursued balance. He complemented his degrees from Brown and Harvard with the education that comes from world travels that included hitchhiking alone by night on desolate roads. While working on Wall Street by day, he spent nights helping start a charity in Africa. He excelled at marketing for the likes of Heinz and Pillsbury while always searching for the intangible—the words that couldn't be spoken.

It makes perfect sense that he's now using his business acumen to help expand consciousness across the globe. As the operating partner in Bridge Builders Collaborative and co-founder, with his wife Maureen, of ShiftIt Institute, Hartwell is driving the evolution of an ancient tradition to provide comfort and insight to those who need it most. Hear how he came to this latest pursuit and why he believes this effort will be the defining achievement of his life.