Dr. Eben Alexander

The Meaning of Life (and Skydiving)

episodes 82 & 83


We've all heard about it. The warm, bright light someone sees when they're near death. The angelic, universal hum. The feeling of everything being, as Radiohead once sang, "in its right place."

Well, imagine that experience being reflected and championed by a renowned neurosurgeon who understands the mysteries of the brain better than almost anyone.

With his New York Times bestseller, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the AfterlifeDr. Eben Alexander gained immediate attention from believers and skeptics alike as he detailed his experience of traveling to a harmonious realm while in a coma after contracting bacterial meningitis. This episode changed him from a materialist scientist to a spiritual mystic in pursuit of bringing the message of unconditional love to the masses.

We dive right in with Dr. Alexander and learn how meditation can take us to the domain where consciousness and free-will are the true foundations of this universe. Climb aboard and take the trip!