The Dynamic (Mindful) Duo 

Maureen Pelton & Charlie Hartwell

(with special guest cookie)

episode 104


Some couples argue about who should take out the garbage or pick up the kids.  Maureen Pelton and Charlie Hartwell only show hints of frustration when insisting that the other should realize how well-rounded they are. It's a nice problem to have, especially since most of their moments together is spent engaged in their favorite pastime: laughing. The rest is occupied with changing the world by helping raise our collective consciousness.

As co-founders of the ShiftIt Institute, Maureen and Charlie aim to help individuals realize their best, truest self. That effort is complemented by the venture capital efforts of Bridge Builders, which invests in mindfulness companies that are utilizing the most innovative technology and communications. In all, Maureen and Charlie are making a difference every day--sometimes one person at a time, sometimes by the millions. Who wouldn't smile at that?