Pristine Peace

Ellie Burrows

episode 87


When one steps into MNDFL, it's easy to think you've made a wrong turn. Meditation studios are supposed to be a little dusty, a little impersonal. They certainly do not look like that Hamptons beach house you saw in that design magazine. But MNDFL's founders, Ellie Burrows (chief executive officer) and Lodro Rinzler (chief spiritual officer), had a different idea when they conceived of their new venture: create a drop-in meditation space where one can feel at home (literally), and where the "tradition" is simply soft music, plush couches, and hot tea. The studio on 8th Street in Greenwich Village has attracted lots of attention from the likes of The New York TimesVogue, and beyond. In Episode 87, hear Ellie describe her own personal journey as well as the unique ideas that brought this pioneering space to life.