Julie Piatt (aka Sri Mati)

Music + Food + Connection = Evolution 

episode 55


Experiencing a life of twist and turns from a challenging childhood in Alaska to eventually curing herself of an "incurable" cyst, Julie Piatt (aka Sri Mati) has relentlessly pursued a spiritual connection. A self-described modern mystic, Julie became born-again at 10, turned to drugs at age 12,  and eventually found her creative soul in her late 20s.  Perhaps best known for designing her Ultra-Athlete husband Rich Roll's plant-based diet, Julie is also a singer-songwriter, yoga and meditation instructor, and accomplished plant-based chef.  

She developed her own guided meditation series, called Jai Meditation, that she credits with helping her find her musical voice during the healing process. Most recently, she and Rich have published an inspiring cookbook called The Plantpower Way, which was just featured in a The New York Times article.

Sit back and enjoy the story of Julie's life—and a few samples of the music it inspired.