1) Marketing 2) Spiritual Journey 3) Writing 4) Repeat

Karan Bajaj

episodes 90 & 91


All of us talk about it. There's something else we feel like we should be doing—if only we knew what. Or how. Or where. Karan Bajaj was born and raised in the Indian Himalayas, but it was only when he became a successful marketer—earning the title of "top 40 under 40" by Advertising Age in 2007—that he started to feel the call toward a more spiritual path. But that didn't mean abandoning his life and accomplishments completely. Instead, Bajaj embarked on a rather inventive system of working 4 years on and 1 year off. In the "unscripted" periods, he travels the world, writes, and deepens his exploration of Eastern mysticism.

Bajaj's books include Johnny Gone Down (a #1 bestseller in India) and his latest novel,The Yoga of Max's Discontent. A beloved blogger who offers regular tips on writing andmeditation, Bajaj has been published in the New York TimesWashington Post, and more.

Hear his highly accessible perspectives on living mindfully in a fairly mindless world, the many questions raised when discussing the afterlife, and the art of honoring your inclinations while making your sure always leave that window open for the next adventure.