Who's Ready for Authenticity?

Maureen Pelton

episode 80 & 81


What is your authentic self, and where the heck can you find it?  Before you answer, take note: Our guest in episode 80 discovered her true self 30 years ago during a multi-dimensional, mystical experience.

Ever since then, Maureen Pelton has been on a journey to help others along their own path of self-discovery.  She is founder of the ShiftIt Institute, which  includes integrative psychotherapy, coaching, and consulting to 150 organizations, training health care professionals and facilitating workshops. 

As Maureen tells us, many people are afraid to search for their authentic self.  It's not always pleasant, and might even challenge your relationships with the people who love you the most.  If you’ve always felt there was something missing in your life, maybe you’re ready to start the journey—right here on Meditate This! Podcast (of all places).