This Side of Consciousness

Mikey Siegel

episode 105


NASA engineer, Stanford University lecturer, TED talker, consciousness hacker—is there anything Mikey Siegel can't do?  The answer: We'll soon find out. See, Mikey is on one serious mission—to change the world from the inside out by starting with the alleviation of that nasty little bug that bites us all: human suffering.

As Mikey explains: "My focus is on supporting the development of totally new transformative tools and technologies that can revolutionize the way we relate to ourlselves, each other, and the world.  I believe that every single human endeavor can be a catalyst for collective awakening, and that is the evolutionary direction for our species."  We can't wait to see what Mikey comes up with next.  But first, hear all the hows and whys in this undeniably* mind-bending conversation.

*If you deny it, you must ask yourself why - thus, expanding your mind.