Skeptical Seeker

Schmindfulness with a Lucky Listener

Episode 108

What happens when a listener of the Meditate This! Podcast blows out the candles on their birthday cake?  Their wish comes true and they appear as a guest on Mindfulness Schmindfulness.  We can only assume that's what happened as one lucky listener was invited to the MT! Studios for an interrogation of her life.  Meet Ryan, both skeptic and seeker, as she shares with us her life struggles and some very interesting signposts along the way.  Ryan now says she never realized she could be this happy in life, which we assume has nothing to do with listening to our podcast.

Close Encounters of the Pete Kind

Mindfulness Schmindfulness

episode 101

Five sure-fire steps to the perfect life. One burrito half-eaten by Ozzie. And Pete making contact. A Schmindfulness for the ages—both here and beyooooond.

Mailbag #2

Pete and Jay

episode 89

S&M. Meatball subs. Interviewing Swamis. What don't Pete and Jay cover in this episode of "Mailbag"? Hear them answer questions from listeners across the country on the great central issues of our time. This episode tackles quick fixes for anxiety, the roots of their interest in mindfulness, and how they use their natural curiosity to talk to some of the wisest people in the world. Pour yourself a milkshake and get ready for some good old-fashioned fun. 


Pete and Jay

episode 84

What happens when excited Meditate This! fans across the United States get a chance to ask Pete and Jay any questions they want? Well, let's just say the U.S. Postal Service had to work a lot of overtime last month—like they do during the Christmas deluge, delivering letters full of dreams and inquiry to Santa Claus. But it was all well worth it because we've got answers to some of your deepest and darkest questions (well, not that dark). So join Pete and Jay as they respond to listeners who wonder how they can de-stress, find more time during the day, and, you know, what exactly happens when we die. Just another day at the office for Pete and Jay. Enjoy! (Note: no reindeer were used in the making of this episode.) 

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

episode 72

Feel it? The holiday magic that courses through your veins and lights your feelings with love and joy? We sincerely hope you do.

But what if you don't? Well, that's okay, too. The holiday season is loaded with all kinds of pressure—but you are entitled to embrace wherever you are. So take a listen and hear Pete and Jay's tips on how to stay your authentic self in the midst of what might be some pretty, pretty intense moments of cheer.

Anger from All Angles

Episode 31

When was the last time you felt really angry? Oh? You don't get angry?  Cool.

But we don't believe you.

We asked Americans what makes them angry and they responded.  We picked the four most tantalizing answers you could ever imagine!

In episode 31, Pete and Jay break down why anger is as natural as feeling tired or hungry, and how blasting heavy metal might be a perfect way to manage it.

Get a Move On

episode 25

ozzie dog.png

Is it funny? (maybe)

Is it insightful? (debatable)

Is it under a half hour? YES!!! 

So listen to Episode 25 where Pete And Jay talk about their experiences moving and the messy art of real change.  

(pictured: Ozzie Falker after his most recent transformation from shaggy dog to cool Floridian)

Go Into the Wild

episodes 15 & 16

Imagine gaining insight into the ancient wisdom of mindfulness while experiencing the absurdist banter that only Pete and Jay can deliver (aka: schmindfulness).

In Part 1, hear the surprising origin story of the Meditate This! podcast, why Jay's plans to do laundry almost prevented it from happening, and how one marriage proposal was profoundly changed by something heard on the show.

Part 2 chronicles Pete & Jay's journey into the Minnesota wilderness, explains how paddling a canoe almost did Jay in, and gives its due to homemade peach and blueberry pie. 


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