Scott Taylor, Ed.D

Near Death Adventures

episodes 45 & 46


Scott Taylor is not your typical small business consultant. Sure, the former CEO can help you launch and grow your business as good as anyone, but he also brings an added bonus—an expertise in guiding others through a Near-Death Experience (NDE). Okay, let us explain...

Scott teaches a 6-day workshop exploring near-death experience and is author and voice of “Into the Light”, a CD produced by The Monroe Institute, a Virginia-based center devoted to the work of Bob Monroe (1915-1995)—a successful businessman who was committed to pushing the boundaries of the human mind. Through the years, Scott and his colleagues have educated tens of thousands of people through the institute’s residential and outreach programs in the art of enhancing their mental abilities, resolving emotional conflicts, experiencing consciousness outside of time and space, and more.

Put on your seat belt and get ready for a serious trip as Scott details the journeys he's been on and describes how you might take one too.