Out of Sight

Shelli Nelson

episode 102


Shelli Nelson's story is likely very different from most of ours, but she is emphatic that she is just a regular, average person.  Diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at the tender age of 10, she has endured lifetimes of pain and suffering.  Completely losing her sight by age 24 after many painful procedures to save her eyes, Shelli faced years of tortuous complications from the disease including multiple organ transplants and rejections, lymphatic cancer, hepatitis, heart disease, and two strokes (just to name some).

You might think healing is only for the very sick, but according to Shelli, it is not only available to everyone, but necessary.  It's actually the meaning of life and you will keep coming back until you understand this.  In her new book, Your Story is Your Medicine, Shelli gives practical steps you can take, no matter how average or even mundane your life may seem.