Episodes 10, 11 & 12


"Life is a dipthong."



Get one step closer to the meaning of life with Dr. Neil Theise, a diagnostic liver pathologist and world-renowned pioneer in stem cell research. Neil's career in science and medicine combined with his long-term practice of Zen Buddhism has opened new doors into thinking about consciousness, complexity theory, panpsychism, complimentarity, and other things Pete and Jay had never heard of before.  

In Part 1, Neil tells us how a heavily-attended funeral drove him to become a doctor, describes his pathway to pathology, and explains why Ronald Reagan was inadvertently responsible for many of the best things in his life.

In Part 2, Neil ties together his scientific and spiritual backgrounds.  Also, Pete and Jay try to discern whether their lives are any different than ants.

In Part 3, Neil expands on his Zen practice, what we can expect from meditation, and the notion of complimentarity.  In the end, he leaves Pete and Jay stumped with his final reference.  That just means we need another interview!